Black Thought by TKO

Artist, musician and all around creative, Taylor Oglesby drew this picture of Black Thought from The Roots. It's based off of an image/photo from their album.

Taylor took an entire semester back in 2000 to knock this out. He won many awards in Racine, Wisconsin for this piece. We have turned this into screen printed fashion. There are t-shirts and hoodies available, along with copies of the print.

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Chest piece by TKO

This is the third piece of the TKO line under the Knock Out Collection. After Taylor'r passing we had so many people interested in the signature as a print itself. "It's just a clean signature".

50% of all profits are set aside for Taylor's son. It's a great way for us to support the creative legacy Taylor left behind.

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Say It Loud by TKO

A recent piece done by Taylor in a quick sitting. We had been encouraging him to jump back on his art. This tribute to James Brown after his passing was Taylor's attempt to get back into visual art/drawing. It was another way for him to express himself above and beyond the music he created for us.

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Here's also a link to one of his songs as well.